Cheese Club

Cyril’s has created a month-to-month cheese club where participants can opt in depending on how they feel about the selected cheese and whether their schedule that month will support the purchase of a pound of cheese.

How does it work?

We create a campaign each month on Kickstarter where potential cheese heads can join the club for that month by committing to purchase a pound of the cheese. If we reach our goal (the number of members required to make the club a go will change each month depending on the size of the cheese), Cyril’s orders the cheese and hosts a pick up party where members get to learn about and taste the cheese alongside some recommended pairings.

If we don’t reach our goal no one is charged a dime and we simply forge ahead to the next month’s selection.

What does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the cheese selected each month. The range will most likely be from $25-40. This gets you a pound of cheese an an invite to the pick up party which is members-only.

There is also a $10 ‘just-trying-it-on’ membership that allows you to attend the pick up party but not purchase a pound of cheese.

Where do I sign up?

Just click here to take you to the current campaign.

How are the cheeses selected each month?

Cyril’s selected the very first cheese. The next selection will be determined by club members at our first pick up party- we will vote on a list of three or four cheeses recommended by Sasha- Cyril’s owner and cheesemonger. Note: This is one of the best parts of participating in cheese club! 

How long does my membership last?

Your membership is good for the month that you join. If you want to be a member again, you would sign up the next month by committing to purchase a pound of the selected cheese through our campaign on Kickstarter.

What if I cannot make it to the pick up party?

That is a sad, but not unmanageable situation. If you cannot attend the party- you can send an emissary in your stead and organize a cheese hand off with them at a later date. You can also arrange to collect your pound of cheese at any other time Cyril’s is open for business.

Why did Cyril’s decide to do a cheese club like this?

Sasha wrote a little something about this when we launched the program. Take a look.

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