I moved to Oregon in April 2008. By June I had become impatient with the unchanging color (or seeming non-color) of the sky...gray. At some point,  I let a small complaint about this condition slip to a friend and decade-long Pacific Northwest resident and he said something I'll never forget, 

"Sasha, do you know what the best thing is to do on the darkest, rainiest days? Go for a long walk in the woods." I replied that it seemed counterintuitive to go outside when it was raining really hard, to which he said, "But not in the forest- under the trees you wont get wet, and more importantly you will be reminded of the rewards we get for all of these wet, dark days."

Sure, you could write him off as an optimist but I like his thinking. Sometimes there are rich rewards for venturing out into the gloom- whether for a walk in the woods, or a drink and nosh with friends- and reminding ourselves that there are all different kinds of light and warmth in our lives.