When I start a project I can usually foresee the big decisions that are going to need to be made. For example with opening this business I understood we’d have to choose a location, come up with a name, a logo, define our offering, hire employees, etc and we spent a tremendous amount of time researching and weighing our options to make those direction-setting choices.

The thing that often catches me off guard, and this project is no exception, is that beneath all of the giant decisions that are so carefully considered are approximately one hundred thousand smaller decisions that I either thought would be easy to make or didn’t even know I was going to need to make.

Selecting paint colors for the interior and exterior of the business sort of fell into this category of decisions that I figured I would get to later and/or wouldn’t be very difficult. I was flat out wrong.

When we found our building, I spent some time coming up with a general palette of colors and pulled images of things and places that I liked- a good starting point. The palette would ideally be composed of grey woods, a bit of metal, blues, yellows, and a few accent colors. I gravitated towards blue as the anchor color so it became our first priority.

Blue. A color that seems so basic and yet it becomes infinitely complicated as soon as you cross the threshold of any store that sells paint and lose yourself in that wall of shades, tints, and incarnations of a color you thought you knew like the back of your hand.

We are still hammering away at all of our paint colors and the sole source of joy in that work, for me, lies in imagining the team of people whose job it is to come up with the names for each color. I’ve shared my angst, so now why not share a bit of the joy too?

BLUE (aka): La Fonda Midnight, Basin Blue, Window Screen, Pacific Coast, Woodlawn Juniper, Newport Gray (which is totally blue!?), Magnet Dapple, Smoky Pitch, Jekyll Club Pulitzer Blue, Dutch Licorice… I could go on for days- but I’ve got to get back to the paint.