We know we promised to document this entire process and yet since we signed the lease in June there has been little to show besides the building itself.


Last week we cleared our first hurdle with a couple caveats. Our plans passed muster with the City of Portland and all the modifications they are requiring that we make are within reach for us financially. This is hugely exciting and yet remember that I said there were a couple of caveats.

Caveat number two is that it will likely take another three weeks for us to have the permits in hand allowing our design/build partners to start working in the space. So we continue to visit our lovely, empty building and commune deeply with our imaginary business that we hope beyond hope will exist there soon. 

This preliminary thumbs up ruling did free us up to start playing with paint colors and some design elements. We also legitimized the plans by affixing them to a wall inside the space so that they can beging acclimating to their future surroundings.