Depending on who you are this news is either fantastic or terrible.

At Cyril’s, we love this news. Let me explain…

We love that everything matters because we are practicing embracing the idea that doing even the smallest task with attention and care makes an enormous difference in day to day life.

Now I know this can sound like an enormous amount of pressure. Like a new way to be hard on yourself…about everything. And yet we’ve been working on turning that thinking upside down to see that the idea that everything matters means that with every task/interaction/gesture there is opportunity to surprise and delight (yourself or others).

I was reminded of this just yesterday when we received a couple cases of cheese paper from our friends at Formaticum. Keep in mind that we sell a very modest amount of retail cheese that requires wrapping– and yet, almost everyone on staff told me how pumped they were about our new cheese paper. 

This is a very small thing- small enough to go unnoticed- and yet I could hear a tiny bit of excitement and pride in their voices, like a tiny “hell yeah” from each of them for us getting some paper that really honors the beautiful products we wrap in it.

All the tiny things- done with attention and care,  and miniature “hell yeahs” add up to a place where people not only feel taken care of, they also feel like they’re part of something special. 

And to think that yesterday all it took to activate that kind of magic was paper.