I saw this a few years ago and it changed me. You could replace the words Modern Art with so many other things, right? If you're strapped for ideas I'll give you some:

teach elementary school

write a novel

make a killing in real estate

design a website

make that dish at home

fix the economy

One of the easiest, time-honored ways to poke holes in anything is to explain how easily you could do it yourself/better/cheaper/different. The only other unifying thread running through these statements is: yes, maybe you couldbut you didn't.

And there are great reasons why you didn't. A dear friend of mine stated the most obvious reason perfectly the other day,

"You can do anything, but you cannot do everything."


If you feel like I'm just criticizing you now- hang in there- because really what I'm going for is dismantling this disconnect that doesn't actually serve us well in the long run. Here goes: We don't actually want to do all of those things. And we defintely don't want to do most of them well enough to be experts at them.

Being honest about this allows us to relish in dabbling in things in a lovely, low-stakes way. It makes room for us to play around with a couple of lazy hobbies just for fun. Acknowledging how you truly want to spend your time also frees you up to seek help in the areas where you need and want it- without shame or disappointment.

As eternally curious people- we're interested in learning about a lot of different things. Because life is short and we like to have a good time, we believe firmly in surrounding ourselves with enthusiastson the subjects we'd like or need help with- people who almost vibrate with the love they have for their subject.

We like winding them up and watching them welcome and entice others into a world they have joyfully explored in depth. We like doing this because it's fun, and delightful to watch someone do what they love. Maybe even more importantly though we believe that learning in this setting leaves people feeling empowered to start where they are rather than defeated by the distance between themselves and an expert.

This core belief is the spirit behind all of our educational endeavors- Cheese ClubFlight Club, and our latest How To Series (Play Nice with Your Digestive System, Shop Your Food Values, Care for Houseplants). We know some incredible enthusiasts, we enjoy learning from them and being around other curious people. Whether you seek pure pleasure, useful day-to-day information, or recipe ideas we've got something for you in the coming months.