The What

Hey everyone. At the end of September we are going to reformat Cyril's. We will cease to be a full service restaurant and become a wine bar with wine/beer/great snacks. 

Saturday, October 1st will be our final dinner service.This means just a few more glorious nights of salad plates and succotash before we make the switch. Feel free to give us a call to make reservations (503-206-7862), or just come over.

We will take two days to rest and reorient before reopening on Tuesday, October 4th at 5pm.

Our new schedule will be Tuesdays- Saturdays, 5-10pm.

The menu will include Olives, Nuts, Gougeres, Pickles, Mac n Cheese, something sweet, and of course our selection of cheeses and cured meats.

For any other questions feel free to peruse the FAQs below and/or reach out to me directly (

The Why

I am going to honor what I'm guessing is the main question most of you want an answer to: Why?

Fair enough. One of my least favorite things, at the end of anything, is when people communicate about gratitude and good times, accomplishments and milestones and they don't tell you what happened. I feel this way when I read about businesses closing and even about people's lives ending. I can barely take in any of the information because all I want to know is: what the hell happened?

In our case, the what happened is very straightforward. For the past four years we have been working to achieve stability at Cyril's- a steady and adequately sized stream of customers to cover our bills, pay our vendors, and compensate our staff. We can't seem to get there and stay there. 

So we are changing our model in a way that will significantly reduce our cost of operations while still allowing us to share our enthusiasm for wine, and cheese, and other delicious food with the greater community here.

That sounds so obvious and easy, right? It hasn't been. I mean I am on board with the cohesive logic of it but deciding to set something down that you've been holding at the center of your world for a few years is not a casual thing. We also understand that this change impacts not only us but also all the people- our staff and all of you- who have made the experience what it has been so far.  

I will offer this as a true silver lining; accepting that Cyril's is broken (for us) has meant that we've been able to take a rest from the endless effort of attempting to figure it out and tweak/fix/change it. Accepting the brokenness of the restaurant as it has been made some space for us to love it for all that it is and to genuinely take pride in what we created.

We are also hopeful that this change will free us up to play and explore more often and to share some of that recharged energy with you through Cyril's and Clay Pigeon Winery.


Will you still have cheese club? 


Will you still host private parties and events?

YES! Please be in touch. Holiday parties, luncheons, weddings, corporate events and meetings are all part of what we have done and will continue to do. 

Will there be any new ways to have the foods we've come to love from Cyril's?

Yes. We will be hosting a monthly prix fixe dinner the first Sunday of every month (Sunday Supper) beginning in November. This will be our chance to explore foods and culinary traditions we're interested in, experience the seasons, and keep cooking!

Any other significant changes to the Cyril's experience?

Just one. We will no longer be able to allow minors at Cyril's. Know that we are working with the OLCC to understand if there is any flexibility- for example could we have minors on the premises during Sunday Suppers because we would be serving more substantial food. We will keep you posted on how this progresses.

When are you open between now and your final dinner service?

Thursday 9/22 4-9pm.

Friday 9/23 4-10pm.

Saturday 9/24 4-10pm.

Sunday 9/25 4-9pm.

Wednesday 9/28 4-9pm.

Thursday 9/29 4-9pm.


Saturday 10/1 4pm till we're done!

How are we doing?

Honestly. We're good. Our team is incredible. We have so much love for one another and we're all looking forward to enjoying a few more days and nights working together. Sad? Sure. Regretful? No way.

We are excited to see what comes next, for all of us.