To the Good People of Cyril's,

Cyril's (and only Cyril's) is closing. Saturday, May 20th will be our final service.

Clay Pigeon Winery--aka Michael--will be relocating to Urban Crush right down the street.

We have given this business all that we are willing to give it over the past five years and have found, that the "rest of life" is more and more persistently asking for our attention.

What do I mean by this? Restaurants (and wine bars) run with great intention have a tendency to become the sun in ones life. Maybe all small businesses are this way? I can't attest to that as this is the only kind I know. What I can attest to is this: while our sun is magnificent, glorious even in its fiery and inspiring heat, we've found that our jubilant sun has not left much room for other things-- hobbies, creative endeavors, travel, the outdoors, togetherness, solitude.

The completion of our five year lease feels like the right opporutnity to transition, to heed the tugging at our apron strings- the invitation from the rest of life we've been hankering to engage with again.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you at Cyril's. It wouldn't have been the same, or really been anything at all, without all of you. There has been so much learning and so much fun in everything from cheese club to the patio—the grill, the music and bocce ball—and all of the events like birthdays, retirement parties, and weddings we’ve hosted for others. We cannot thank you enough for not only engaging with our dream but for allowing us to be part of your lives in this way.

Although it is sad to see this chapter come to an end, we feel optimistic about the future. I look forward to devoting more time to writing--on topics ranging from how to make a great salad, to navigating menopause, and how to be your whole self in the workplace--travel, and other explorations. If you're interested in keeping up with what I do next- sign up for updates at

Michael is excited to direct his full focus toward the winery. He is migrating fifteen blocks down the road to make wine at the Urban Crush facility. Note: joining Clay Pigeon's wine club is a great way to keep tabs on the winery!

We will be open for our normal hours (Tues-Sat from 4 to 9pm) through May 20th. We hope to see you soon!