How To Series: Ferment Vegetables with Kirsten Shockey

Portland has definitely established itself as a shining beacon of hand-crafted things. Whether it's wine, letterpress prints, coffee, or midcentury modern lamps—you can find a Portlander who has dedicated their time and resources to handcrafting it. Being surrounded by all this confident maker-culture is both inspiring and intimidating; sometimes it is tough to collect the confidence to have a humble beginning amidst all of the enterprising go-getters sporting their “I can pickle that!” t-shirts.

If you've always dreamed of a sauerkraut crock to call your own, or wondered if you could safely ferment a batch of beets or hot sauce all by yourself—we've got the workshop for you! 

Cyril's has invited Kirsten Shockey, author of Fermented Vegetables—a thorough introductory guide to the wonders of fermentation in the home kitchen—to walk us through the fundamentals of Fermenting Veggies.

Bring your questions, your projects gone wrong, your curiosity and a notebook to this session where Kirsten will demonstrate this safe food preservation (and all around awesome flavor making) technique. This workshop will not only be making and tasting, it will also include troubleshooting—really its okay to bring a kraut or pickle you are not sure about.

Tickets are $15 and include a glass of Clay Pigeon wine.

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