Our friends and neighbors at BIWA are bringing their super cool Japanese grill to our back patio this month on Thursday and Friday nights.

We encourage you to come and hang out in this gorgeous summer weather and enjoy something from the grill alongside something from our regular menu (which will be available too). Think of this as a collaboration more than a takeover. Two menus, working together, to offer you the best of summer- grilled meats and veggies plus cool, crisp and refreshing salads and snacks from the kitchen

Grill starts at 5pm and fires away through closing time. 

Regular Kotori Menu below...but they've been known to sneak in specials.

Tsukune (ground chicken) $4

Negima (chicken thigh with green onion) $4

Bara (pork belly) $4

Shitake $3

Shisito pepper $3

Garlic $3

All the skewers: $18

Giant Asahi Beers $8

Fukucho Junmai Sake by the glass $12